Prices and Registration

      Prices for regular Kung Fu classes

      Monthly Membership Fee

      Adults:    100 Euro
      Students:    40 Euro
      Sanshou:    50 Euro

      Registration for regular Kung Fu classes

      Registration is carried out in writing after the first free introduction Kung Fu lesson. Membership fee is done by direct debit from your account.

      A waiting list is necessary in order to ensure an un-crowed class. The waiting list is limited so please email to reserve your place.

      Free introduction lesson please contact shaolin@wahnan-ireland.ie shaolinwahnandublin

      Sanshou training is offered to participants who have reached at least Level 3 of the Kung Fu fundamental syllabus.

      Prices and registration for Chi Kung classes

      Prices for Chi Kung classes vary. Please refer to the Chi Kung courses section for more information on prices and registration.

      Please also contact shaolin@wahnan-ireland.ie